Audi R8 Successor Will Be Fully Electric May Get New Name

Audi Sport has finally confirmed that the R8 successor will be all-electric and we are not even remotely surprised as it has been expected to happen for a few years now.

Up until now, the company has been quite vague about its halo car plans. That’s no longer the case with Audi Sport’s head of product marketing confirming with Roadshow that the R brand is going fully electric.

Linda Kurz told the publication that the company would “transform the R segment,” though don’t expect something to arrive next year. Kurz added that this is a goal for the next decade, though that doesn’t mean Audi will serve up an R8 with electric motors and a battery, though that’s possible.

As far as. we know, the successor could be a completely different type of car and even leave the R8 nameplate in the history books.

Whatever the successor will be, it will be electric as Audi plans to introduce more Evs than combustion-powered cars in the coming years, including the high-performance R segment and the rest of the Audi lineup. The company wants to offer 20 EVs in its global lineup by 2025.

Source Roadshow
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