9 Perfect Gifts for Pickup Truck Lovers

Nothing could be more American than a pickup truck. They account for just over 20% of all vehicles on the road in the U.S., with the Ford F-Series blowing away the competition year after year.  

If you have a pickup truck lover in your life, we have the ultimate gift guide to help you win them over this holiday season. Truck drivers and off-road enthusiasts are surprisingly easy to shop for. It’s all about helping them make the most of their vehicle. Add these items to your holiday shopping list to show them just how much you care:

  1. Diesel Parts

A broken-down pickup truck won’t do them much good. You can help them maintain their truck by buying replacement diesel parts, including essential components that reduce overheating and prevent long-term wear and tear. You can find new EGR coolers online to keep their cooling system in top form. 

If they use a turbocharger, buy them a new 6.7 or 6.0 VGT actuator to improve operating conditions when they need a boost on the road. 

  1. Portable Safe

If your special someone spends a lot of time travelling for work or fun, consider buying them a portable safe for their personal belongings. They may need to leave valuable possessions in their car during their trip, especially if they have to spend the night in the backseat. These safes come in all kinds of disguises, so thieves won’t make off with the entire vault. It’s great for storing phones, personal electronics, watches, rings, and cash.

  1. Custom-Fit Floor Mats

Lots of pickup truck drivers like to get dirty behind the wheel. They may explore off-road trails full of dirt, mud and other debris that can ruin the interior of their ride. No one wants to spend their time cleaning mud and dirt off their floor. If these stains set in, they could lead to mould, strong odours or poor air quality. Spills and leaks can also lead to electrical damage and corrosion. 

Find a rubber floor mat that will fit their make and model, so they don’t have to worry about ruining their floors while they cruise through the outdoors.

  1. Compression Socks

Sitting still behind the wheel can lead to serious health hazards, including blood clots. People who drive long distances for a living often complain of leg pain. Clots can form in the blood when a person is inactive for long periods of time. That’s why it’s best to use compression socks on the road.  They use special elastic to keep the blood moving in their legs, so they can drive with more peace of mind.

  1. Phone Mount

Lots of us are used to driving while using our phones. Texting and driving is never a good idea, but we might have to check our GPS or dial a call from time to time. Help the pickup truck driver in your life stay safe behind the wheel with a phone mount. It keeps the device in their line of sight, so they don’t have to take their eyes off the road. Use a clamp or adhesive model to mount it on the glass or dashboard. 

  1. Portable Slow Cooker

A home-cooked meal can be hard to find on the road. If your loved one likes to go camping or drives their truck for a living, give them a portable slow cooker to help them eat fresh during their trip. This single-serve crockpot sits in the passenger seat, so their food can cook while they drive. It’s compatible with 110V outlets on a truck inverter for fast, easy meals on the go. It also comes with a squat rectangular base that keeps it upright. Anyone that’s been on the road for days at a time will appreciate this unique gift. 

  1. Portable Refrigerator

If they are eating on the road, they will probably need a mini refrigerator as well. This compact device requires a 110V truck inverter so they can keep items cool while they drive. It’s perfect for chilling beverages and perishable items that would otherwise spoil. 

They don’t have to rely on drive-thrus and rest stops. Give them the gift of healthy eating.

  1. Audible App

Nothing makes the time go by like some in-vehicle entertainment. Help them stay focused and awake behind the wheel with a subscription to Audible. They can download the app on their phone to listen to the best audiobooks while they drive. Find some fun titles related to their interests to help them get started. They will learn so much just by driving to and from work.

  1. Dash Camera

Driving a pickup truck can be so much more than just a trip from A to B. It can also be a fun-filled adventure. Give the truck enthusiast in your life a powerful dashcam to help them capture all the excitement behind the wheel. They can shoot stunning vistas, wildlife, and other astonishing sites while they explore the outdoors. They may not have a chance to pull out their phone to take a photo or video while they are driving. They can sit back and relax while the camera records every second of their journey. 

We Help You Pick the Gifts They’ve Always Wanted

Finding the right gift isn’t always easy. If someone you know drives a pickup truck, use our guide as a launching pad to buy them gifts they will actually use this time. Strike the right balance between fun and practical this holiday season.

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