About Speed Limiter Removal and Benefits

There are many vehicles with an automatic speed limiter that is installed from the factory or by an external third company at an earlier time. The limiter is typically used as a gentleman’s deal between car manufacturers or by customers’ preference e.g. Many BMW and Mercedes automobiles come with an in-built speed limiter of 155 MPH or 250 KMH.

With the modification of the ECU information, we’re successful in the speed limiter removal on most vehicles. The majority of speed limiters are removed by making an appointment with one of our authorized agents. Certain vehicles with complicated speed limiters cannot be removed from our headquarters in Bristol. Contact us with your car’s details and the location to obtain further details.

We also provide an application for a speed limiter or adjustment service. Fleet discount is also available. Contact us for more details.

We can take away the speed limiter that is present on the majority of types of cars and make it now by deleting or putting in place your vehicle’s speed limiter to modify your van according to your needs.

The majority of modern vehicles come with a speed limiter installed in the factory or by an outside company at a later time. The speed limiter is a security automated speed aid (ISA) technology that restricts the top speeds of the car. This way, the system stops your car from going beyond a set speed which makes the driving experience simpler. This means that you do not need to keep track of your speed continuously and there’s no way to overtake the speed limit or risk penalties in the form of points.

Additionally to that, some modern cars come with sophisticated (smart) speed-limiting devices which artificially alter the speed of a car according to speed limits.

Speed limiters aren’t able to keep a constant speed like the cruise control feature does. You can still utilize the accelerator and enjoy complete control over your vehicle however you cannot overtake your speed limits. If your vehicle is at the limit and the speed limiter is activated, it will stop it from moving any further

Speed limiter removal

Removal of speed limiters is among the most requested ECU Remapping Services! It’s the process of altering the ECU by reprogramming the software and then rewriting the engine code in order to remove the speed limiter. removed or disabled.

Through ECU mapping the ECU can be remapped to eliminate any speed limitations or install the latest limiter. Effective Tuning, Effective Tuning provides one of the most effective speed limiter removal options and can tell your ECU to not restrict the maximum speed of your vehicle anymore. Our experts in tuning will provide the best tuning solution based on your requirements and needs as we recognize that each vehicle is unique.

Our removal of speed limiters will eliminate the top speed limit and permit you to unleash the full capabilities of the vehicle. But, you must be accountable for keeping your speed within safe limitations and complying with international highway and road laws.

Benefits of speed limiter removal

The most significant advantage of our removal solution for speed limits solution is the enhanced performance and faster speeds. After our speed limiter removal method, which involves changing the ECU by reprogramming the ECU, the default settings will be changed while the speed limiter is disabled. In this way, you’ll be able to reach the fullest potential of your vehicle and it will move at the speed you want it to. It is essential to understand that the speed at which you can drive any vehicle is dependent on the engine’s torque and power.

Other benefits associated with our speed limiter elimination include complete control over your car and a better experience on the road with more speed, less time, and also saving money!

Effective Tuning’s Speed Limiter Removal

As we have mentioned earlier speed limiter removal has become an extremely well-known ECU mapping service. These modifications can give your engine greater power and speed according to your requirements and specifications.

Effective Tuning is a specialist in the removal of speed limiters (speed limitation off) for all kinds of vehicles, vans and trucks, agricultural machinery, and many other vehicles. We have years of experience as well as the right technology and know precisely how to take off your vehicle’s speed limiter which is installed within the ECU (electronic controller).

Furthermore, our experts in tuning are available 24 hours a day to provide expert support and assist you with any queries or concerns that you may have. Speed limiter elimination with our service online is extremely fast, meaning that you will have your chip tuning files prepared within 30-60 minutes via remote. It’s not all bad – we at Effective Tuning provide the most competitive rates for the removal of speed limiters. Find out more about our pricing.

If you’re looking to have your car’s speed increased, and the full potential to be unlocked, take a look at our speed limiter elimination solution here.

Contact Effective Tuning to learn more about! You can also connect with us through Facebook and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date information on tune-up of chips and ECU mapping field!

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