Protecting High-End Cars from Theft

When you suffer at the hands of a car thief, you can expect to be left with significant disruption in your life and pressure when having to deal with insurance, police and other services you may have to access. All of these issues are further compounded when you own a luxury car as you are at higher risk of being the victim of a car crime. Rather than leaving yourself vulnerable, take a look at some of our tips to help improve your car safety.

Park Your Vehicle in a Busy Place

One of the best starting points for improved car safety is finding a busy place to park that is well lit and covered by CCTV cameras. These locations are often avoided by would-be car thieves as they do not want to be conspicuous as they work.

When it comes to luxury cars, thieves may be willing to be a bit more daring, so we would suggest that wherever possible, you choose to park in a place that is manned and that you park your car as near to the security cameras and parking attendants as possible.

Be Vigilant Even at Home

It’s true that home is the place where most of us feel the safest, but this is not a reason to drop your guard when it comes to protecting your luxury car. The best course of action is to park your car in a lockable garage to keep it out of sight and install security cameras to help you keep an eye on any potential problems.

You should always be aware of your surroundings too, so when you pull up to your house, check that there is no one loitering around that may be waiting to nip in and steal your car as you get out. When you park, use an immobilizing device to stop your car from being simple to snatch and always lock your garage and your gates behind you. According to Auto Express, keys should always be kept as far away from windows and doors as possible to also prevent keyless car relay theft.

Keep Your Keys Stored Safely

As cars evolve, so do the different types of keys and keyless entries that are offered. If you have keys to your car, then keep them stored safely at home, away from any doors or windows and remember to keep your spare keys in a different location should you ever need them. At work, make sure you have your keys on you or locked in your drawer so that no -one is able to make off with them without you noticing.

If your car uses a keyless system, make sure that your locking device or card is stored securely so that it cannot be cloned and used to access your car. You can invest in an anti-cloning pouch to keep them in to further protect yourself. Finally, do not ever leave your car engine running and walk away from your luxury car, as this is an open invitation for someone to hop in and make off with it. 

Purchase a GPS Tracking Device

If you want to have total peace of mind that your luxury car is safe and secure, then investing in a GPS tracking device will help to locate your car if it is ever stolen. There are wireless devices and OBD devices to choose from depending on what works the best for you, and they provide you with a real-time update on the location of your car. According to Tracker Team the best value trackers you can opt for are those that could also reduce your insurance premiums.

There are a number of different GPS systems available, with some even offering insights into your driving and notifications to your phone to keep you up to date on where your car has been. If you find that your car is ever stolen, you can then share the GPS information with the police to get it back in one piece.

Install an Anti-Theft Device

Finally, when it comes to protecting your car as much as possible, why not have an anti-theft device installed to make it as difficult as possible for any potential car thief. It’s also important to make sure that you advertise the fact that it is installed by displaying the stickers you receive with the device on your car window. 

Even the best car thieves want to spend the least time attempting to access your car and will generally be put off by an anti-theft device as it will take them a long time to get past. If you want to invest in the best, then find yourself an electric-powered immobilizer that is joined with an alarm to draw as much attention as possible when someone tries to access your car without permission.

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