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Mercedes Announce That Pickup Truck Coming Before 2020

There were rumors floating around for some time but Mercedes has confirmed that there will be a mids...

Jaguar's All-New XF Is Here And It Looks Really Good

There have been mixed responses to this car but in S guise I think it looks really slick! Not much ...

Jeremy Clarkson Could Get Free Reign With Netflix Motoring Show

We all know by now that Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked and the likelihood of May and Hammond sticki...

Rhys Millen Was In South Africa Drifting A Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat In Our Streets [Video]

Firstly, how did they get a beast like this into the country without anyone hearing about it or actu...

#ExoticSpotSA Week 13 2015

Lucky number 13 and there were some great shots as always! Highlights this week are; Volcano Yellow ...

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance Tips for Whatever you Drive

Whichever type of vehicle you drive rising costs mean fuel efficiency is probably high on your prior...

2015 Honda Civic Hatchback Review

The Honda Civic has a fierce reputation in the hatchback world. The new model certainly strengthens ...

The Luxurious and the Unusual - Geneva International Motorshow

When the GIMS comes round there are always headline grabbing cars, the automotive press is essential...

Production Doubled For BMW i8 To Meet Demand

I knew this would happen because the BMW i8 is one of the biggest game changers of them all. The wai...

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Caught Testing

Fixed rear wing? ✔ Inflamed wheel arches? ✔ Front splitter? ✔ Winglets? ✔ Big wheels and brakes?...

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