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#ExoticSpotSA Week 7 2016

There truly are some amazing shots this week with many submitted via email. It was hard choosing the...

IBV Supercar Club Run & Beach Party - 31st January 2016

The IBV Supercar Club, founded by Ashok Sewnarain, the CEO of International Bank Vaults (IBV) hosted...

1600HP Dune Buggy Is A Sand Devouring Wheelie Machine

What do you get if you take a dune buggy and and fit it with a 1600 horsepower engine? Watch the vid...

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Drops Its Top In Sexy Rendering

We have just seen the first images of the 'facelifted' Ferrari FF known as the GTC4Lusso so...

O.CT Tuning Supercharges Lamborghini Huracan to 800 HP

Having driven the Lamborghini Huracan on two occasions, I know that the naturally aspirated V10 need...

Lamborghini Huracán Avio Limited Edition Coming To Geneva

So I just found out that Lamborghini have filed for the trademark of Avio and listed sports cars as ...

Lamborghini Aventador Spotted In Mind-Warping Holographic Wrap

Many supercar owners resort to wrapping their cars to either make it a little more unique or to make...

BMW M2 Looks Even Better With All M-Performance Goodies Attached

Just as we share a whole bunch of pics of the new BMW M2 in MotoGP Safety Car guise, we see the full...

The BMW M2 Looks Epic As New MotoGP Safety Car

Generally whenever there is a new BMW M model, it joins the MotoGP safety car fleet and as expected ...

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