Another Local Lambo Wrecked

In a terrible crash at the weekend in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, a young driver was killed after losing control of his Lamborghini. Witnesses said they saw the car leave the road it then “ploughed through trees and undergrowth for about 400 meters and finally stopped on its roof  near a convention center”. When paramedics and emergency services arrived, it was already too late, the car was completely engulfed in flames. One comment from a newsreader said “From the marks on the road and the damage to the suroundings, the driver was doing in excess of 200km… he went through 2 fences and +-400mtr of bush before stopping against a pallisade wall!!”. The Diablo does mean ‘Devil’ so one can assume that this car is a monster. Looks like another driver racing a supercar that was too much too handle. Stop racing on the streets people…

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