Aventador Roadster “Confimed”

As we all know, car companies attempt to keep their upcoming models a huge secret but with all the spy shots we we manage to get hold of and a loud-mouth here and there, the chances of it not being released are next to nothing. In the case of the latest and most advanced Lamborghini yet the Aventador it appears that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has apparently let slip about the arrival of the Aventador Roadster in 2012. This is as close to confirmed as we can get at this stage. We should all be expecting this after all due to the face the all the predecessors got their tops cut off at some stage (https://www.dubaidesignweek.ae). the Murcielagi, Diable and Gallardo have all been converted into droptop’s. I am sure this is going to be a real stunner of an motorvehicle… Cannot wait!

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