Quick Preview: European GP

With another awesome race this weekend, I felt it was necessary to give you all a quick update and some of my opinions on the race in Valencia. So as we all know, Vettel has a very firm grip on the title and it doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Sebastian absolutely killed it at Valencia last year and in the form he is in, has to be the hot favourite for this weekend. Jensen could well be a threat after his purely incredible performance in Canada when he manages to execute 34 overtakes in that race. Lewis has a point to prove that he does not always ‘go a bit far” as Stirling Moss said. He has been involved in far too many incidents in the last few races and had way too many meetings with the stewards. With the latest rumor that Lewis is looking at giving the Red Bull team a new driver after he met with Christian Horner, one can only imagine that the McLaren team could well start licking Lewis’ butt again.
That is all I have for this week’s preview. Let’s see what the qualifying brings tomorrow. Maybe we will see some more high flying F1 cars like Webber showed us in 2010?
My prediction for front 3 rows:
  1. Vettel
  2. Button
  3. Alonso
  4. Webber
  5. Hamilton
  6. Massa
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