McLaren MP4-12C Given Emotional Workover…

Some of us would have seen the Top Gear episode where Jeremy [Clarkson] absolutely loved the McLaren in every way except for the fact that there was no emotional connectivity. He was not the only one as McLaren received similar responses from dealers, customers and other presses. So what was done to improve the emotion of the driver when they climb into this supercar? For starters, there is a new induction kit to channel the noise into the cabin. They have improved the tactile feel of the car by making the throttle more sensitive and modifiying the steering mounting points. I think South African customers can expect to have their MP4-12C by February 2012. UK customers are luckier in that they can expect their new baby in 3 weeks. This is one hell of a car but I would take Ferrari 458 over it any day! Cannot match the looks of the Italia.
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