Quick Preview: British GP

This weekend is the mighty Silverstone. I don’t want to say it too soon but by the looks of things, Mr Vettel is running away with the championship wildly. I really cannot see a single person catching him. If Vettel wanted to make things interesting, he should pop down to a local pub in England and watch the race on Sunday on the tele. After the previous VERY bland Grand Prix, I am hoping that Silverstone will perhaps bring back some excitement. There is a new track layout, with the Bridge and Priory corners removed and the addition of the high-speed Wellington straight (the race’s single DRS zone) between the new Arena turns and the legendary Brooklands complex. What has happened in previous years at Silverstone? Well in as a matter of fact, Jenson Button is the driver out of the top 5 that actually won the GP with Vettel winning it the year before. Maybe this will provide Jensen him with that extra drive needed to hold back the dominating force of Seb Vettel? Sources say that the weather is not looking too great and some rain could be expected. I LOVE the unexpected rain as it shows the drivers sheer talent and the excellent strategic thinking of the teams. Let us wait for the qualifying and of course the main race. As always I am super amped and really hope it turns out to be a thriller… Enjoy the race.
My front 2 rows prediction:
  1. Hamilton
  2. Vettel
  3. Alonso
  4. Webber

Feel free to give me your input and thoughts!

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