World’s Worst Custom Lambo by Dennis Rodman

So you want to buy a 2nd hand Lamborghini but want to stand out more than anyone else? Well your prayers have been answered (or your nightmares for most people). Here you see the Lamborghini previously owned by none other than Dennis Rodman. He is a fairly extraordinary person himself so one can imagine that his customized supercar will be too. The really unique vomit-gold sparkley glittery paint job really looks horrific. 

This car used to have his face painted on the side too but after a little fender bender, he opted for the plain black approach. This is a huge improvement in looks. His wheels were custom too and cost over R80 000 ($12 000). By the looks of the picture, this one-of-a-kind Gallardo is for sale for $94900 (R700 000) this is a ridiculously low price for a Lamborghini but then again after performing such a car crime on such a beautiful car, you cannot expect it to fetch much. This being said, I would still drive it any day just to feel the Lamborghini V10 absolutely roaring.

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