Akon Seems To Be King of Custom

I must admit that I don’t mind some cars being customized a little here and there but you can do minor adjustments to keep it unique (which I think is the aim of people who do this). Mr Lonely Akon, is a car fanatic (and clearly a white one at that) and it seems that standard is just not good enough for him. I came across some pictures of his car collection and it is one serious one at that.

1. White Porsche Panamera fitted with massive black and white 22″ wheels. This is not too excessive but I really dislike the Panamera… alot!

2. White Ferrari 458 Italia again fitted with white wheels but finished in chrome. What is he thinking? I love the colour of the car and the blacked out rear lights look pretty cool but the wheels are horrible. White trimmed with chrome? Not a good combination, I would have gone with a matte black finish or something to compliment the lights.

3. Chrome Lamborghini Gallardo sitting on chrome and black rims. At least here, the wheels compliment the cars’ extreme colour but I would never chrome a car.

4. White Lamborghini Murcielago standing on white and red trimmed custom wheels with a very red interior. I will have to admit I quite like this custom job as it is done really well.
 I am sure we will be seeing the likes of a McLaren or something customized by the big man very soon!
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