Brabus Rocket 800 Revealed

Another Brabus monster has been reveled ahead of its debut at the IAA in Frankfurt. There is nothing official as of yet but apparently the team at Motorvision state that the power plant produces 800hp (which is understanable given the name) and a absolutely rediculous 1420Nm of torque. Acceleration to 100km/h comes up in 3.7 seconds and a scary 20 seconds later, you will hit 300km/h. That is not all, the rocket will continue up to 370km/h. Massive air intakes, air outlets, rear diffuser and rear wing are the most notable visual upgrades. With the wider wheel arches, the Brabus wheels fill them up really nicely. This is the MOST powerful luxury sedan in the world and with a price tag of nearly R5million (€ 429 000) I do not think we will be seeing too many of them roaming around. This thing looks properly aggressive!

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