Guest Post: Lawyer by Day – The Death of Heritage

This latest guest post is from my faithful blog follower, car fanatic and friend.
The birth of software gave rise to disposable society. Manufacturers learnt that profit lay not in quality and tradition, but in the ingenuity of continuous upgrading. Companies like Apple and Microsoft bring home this point – the key to success can be unlocked by making sure that new products launched are made obsolete a year later. One loyal patron of this concept is the car manufacturing sector. By the time the consumer decides on a new car, convinces the bank that they have the finances to fund it, and has driven out of the show room; we can be assured that plans are in motion to develop a newer, more refined model of the very same vehicle.
Although this is true for most car brands, certain cars are developed that make owning them and the driver feel just a little bit special – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and the ever desirable Jaguar E-Type, epitomize the virtue that certain things can be timeless. This may only be so because I am part of one of the final generations whose upbringing is not (completely) characterized by technology

And, this brings me to the point I am trying to make. I am part of the generation that appreciates pedigree and tradition. I find a Ferrari desirable because its badge reflects a proud racing heritage and a tradition steeped in sports car perfection. It is the reason that I look at a Lexus LFA or a Nissan GT-R and admire its technological wonder, but given the opportunity, would still choose a Lamborghini.

 To my generation, and those before it, a badge meant something, something that made you disregard its flaws and patriotically defend it against attack from a less established (but in every other aspect superior) rival. Today, I am not so sure that this view is commonly held – it seems that ability and ingenuity trump history. And sometimes, on very limited occasions I find myself agreeing that modernity trumps tradition.

My case in point – The Koenigsegg Agera R. This car makes me want to renounce any sentiments I once had towards pedigree and tradition. Stuff the badge. Stuff the heritage. The Agera is pure lust and I want one now.
-Lawyer By Day
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