Serious Tuning Kits For Aventador By German Special Customs

Last week I posted about the CLS63 AMG by GSC which I thought was completely bonkers. Well the same guys who did this kit have released 2 kits for none other than the Lamborghini Aventador. I still feel that the Aventador is so perfect that it should remain untouched and these sketches do not change my mind at all. The first package by GSC is called the Estatura GXX Limited Edition and it is so over the top it does not look like an Aventador anymore. The lines are way too extreme and the back of the car has been completely murdered (I feel this stands for the 2nd kit too).

The 2nd kit called the Triangle (much easier to remember) is a slight improvment on the 1st one becuase it is not as flashy and ludicrous. It seems to be more street appropriate and not ready for the racetrack like hte Estatura. Anyway, I will leave you all to make the decision on which you prefer (if any at all). Let me know what you think…


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