Monster Lamborghini Murcielago LP2000-2 SV TT

Quite a mouthful of a name and so they have kindly dubbed it “The Stig”. What you see there is actually 2000 in the name and as Lamborghini do, that means this monster is oozing with 2000rwhp. This twin turbo project started in January where a rear wheel conversion was done. It features a weight shedding of 550lbs thanks to the rear wheel drive conversion, new exhaust system and removal of sound deadening. The LP2000-2 SV TT features custom aluminium plenum, custom throttle body, custom 12″ exhaust system, custom Garrett GTX-4294 twin-turbo and a whole host of other upgrades. It took Covert Tuning Dynamics a massive 3000 hours of build time in conjunction with 4 years of R&D. We are hoping to see some videos and performance figures soon but I it is safe to say that it will be completely insane! A few changes to the exterior have also been added into the mix such as satin and matte finish and matte carbon side mirrors. This is easily the fastest Lamborghini out there to date and will take something serious to beat it! CANT WAIT to see a video…

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