Official McLaren P1 Unveiled

The McLaren P1 has been unveiled and it is a dramatic looking thing. For now it is purely a design study but they are planning a production version which should go on sale in about a years time. The aim is not to have highest top speed but to be most rewarding around the track. The lights look similar to the McLaren logo and I think they look a bit out of place. It will feature the same 3.8 liter V8 that sits in the MP4-12C. This version however will be boosted to a monstrous 800hp and approacking 1000hp with a KERS system offering a 200hp boost. This could make it the fastest accelerating production car in the world with 0 to 100km/h in 2.3seconds. With an estimated price tag of $1.56million and only 500 units being made, you can be sure that you will have something special. I just cant wrap my head around the design though… The rear is a little too drastic for my liking but I think it could grow on me. What do you think?

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