Man Wins R2bn in Lotto and Buys Ford Kuga

My first thought was WTF and then my second thought was WTF again and I am still going WTF???? A man in Britain just won the equivalent of R2bn in the European lottery. His wife admitted to wanting a Q7 or the likes (even this is not ok) but he then bought her a Ford Kuga. He literally can buy 9000 of these cars. I would have gone for ordering an Agera R, Sesto Elemento, Aventador and then if I really wanted an SUV would have gone for something like the BMW X5M. Guess for this guy, cars mean absolutely nothing!

Instantly they became the 516th richest couple in Britain and to celebrate they bought their kids takeaway from Domino’s and went on a CARAVAN holiday in Scotland, flying there by EasyJet (low cost airline). This is the perfect story of how you manage winning such an insane amount of cash…

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