Another Brabus Monster is Born… The G65 AMG

We know how mental these guys can tune a Mercedes and they are not messing around this time either. The G65 AMG produces a massive 800hp and the most ridiculous figure of 1420Nm of torque. This will literally shred your tyres every time you drive! The V12 has been tuned dramatically to produce these figures and the resulting sprint to 100km/h is just 4.2 seconds. The monster 23 inch wheels try and keep the wheels from skidding but I am pretty sure that is next to impossible. A top speed of 250km/h is apparently what you can do but I would never go over 200km/h in a car with aerodynamics of a house. No word on the price but we can expect a very silly number to go with the silly performance numbers… Absolute animal this is!

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