Guest Post: BMW Helps Make a Four Year Old’s Dream Car Visual

When you were a young child growing up do you remember how far fetched your imagination was? Or maybe if you forget your own youth, if you have a child and recall how outrageous their creativity was, or the some of the funniest things they would say to you at the most random occasions? Most of you surely remember these moments, and even some of those exact “out of the box” ideas or comments. It is the true nature of a child to come up with these humorous and unreal ideas, it is there way of slowly gaining ground on what is real and what is unreal.

One very creative four year old named Eli had recently been talked about by his uncle who had asked if the Bavarian automaker BMW could kindly help make Eli’s dream car become a reality—at least in form of a visual model design.

After a few days the design was crafted and the all new BMW featured (as envisioned by Eli): 42 wheels, 19 Porsche boxer engines, each producing 459 horsepower (a combined 8721-hp), all run off one linked transmission and of course a giant trunk full of toys. The last request is that the monster of a car be named “4219 Eli”, 42 being the number of wheels, 19 is the number of engines and of course his name being Eli—the creator.  So the 4219 Eli model was drawn up by an artist and the final product looks like a large formula one that could break the sound barrier.

Truth is we will never see this concept ever be manufactured, because it is a serious death trap, but the fact that they took the time to provide this young child the opportunity to see his dream car become a pseudo reality on paper says a lot about the connection that BMW has for its enthusiasts.

Now that one enthusiasts dream came true, what would you like to have as your dream BMW? Maybe not something as unreal as the above, but something that maybe is closely related to a model already in production? Well you can take a look at the different types by going to Check out there inventory and read their reviews, with those put together your ideal BMW.

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