Guest Post: Buying a Car is not the Only Way to Own a Car

We all have that one car which we have always dreamed of having since we were a child. We would
beg our parents to buy the toy car and have posters on our bedroom wall of the car we love. When
we get older many people will never be able to afford the car which we dreamt of having when we
were a child. That however doesn’t mean that we will never get a chance of driving our car of our

This is where leasing a car becomes a viable option. It has a lot of benefits some ranging from the obvious to those which you may not necessarily have thought about. First thing first lets get the obvious reason out of the way, The cost in buying a car compared to leasing is a major factor in why more and more people are leasing cars. Buying an Audi costs a LOT more than Audi leasing. Recent
studies by companies have estimated that you could be saying around 30% on your monthly bills. The savings really start becoming substantial when you start looking at ongoing costs such as car maintenance, fuel and road tax.

Buying one car is a long term commitment. When purchasing a car you are on average looking at
using the same car for the next 5-10 years, maybe even longer. If the idea of that does not appeal to
you then leasing a car is the ideal solution for you. Most leases last between two to four years and
once that runs out you can change cars easily. For example if you have a Nissan car leasing deal and
you want to move to another model you will be able to do so at the end of the lease with no real

Contract hire and leasing cars is one of the most upcoming markets in the UK at the moment. More
and more people are looking at using this as an option of getting their next car at an affordable price.

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