Mercedes-Benz Apparently Developing Baby SLS AMG… The SLC

I heard rumors going around the net of the possibility of a baby Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG being produced but then they were chucked on the back burners when I heard it was shelved. Well it seems they have actually continued development of the car which is aiming to hit the showroom floors in 2015. At this point in time we think it will be called the SLC. Just like the big brother (SLS), it will feauture a front mounted 4.0-liter V8 which will deliver around 485hp. This car will directly target the Porsche 911 and so it needs some additional power to offset the heavier curb weight. If rumors are to believed then we might even see a SLC Black Series around 2017 but the bad news is that the SLC will not feature the signature gull-wing doors.

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