Very Controversial and Possible Nominee For Ugliest Car Of Year – Gulf Lotus X12

I just cannot seem to get my head around this car. Surely you can make your mind up if you want a Hummer or a BMW X6? This must have cost a bucket load so why not just get both? This owner had a brain meltdown and took a hummer to Gulf Lotus and asked them to mix it with a BMW X6… I have no idea why but the results are horrendous! It is made in the UAE and the car looks like it was designed by a 2 year old. Plenty additional Gulf Lotus parts were installed onto the Hummer and then to top it off, they stuck a Hamann EVO X6 rear bumper onto it. No idea if they tuned the engine but I could not care! Someone please chuck this in a crusher it is an eye-sore!

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