Guest Post: 2014 Jeep Compass

Would you like a CUV?  Do you know what a CUV is?  CUV is short for Crossover Utility Vehicle, and it is a relatively new term.  You see back when gasoline prices were skyrocketing, people wanted a vehicle that they still felt like they could own the road in.  However people wanted vehicles that were better on gas and more fuel efficient than their SUVs.  Filling up their SUVs at gasoline stations was eating away at their disposable income.   That void was filled with the entrance of the CUV into the market.  These Crossover Utility Vehicles were still a good size for their owner’s, but they were also smaller and took less gas than those big SUVs. The CUVs are getting more and more efficient with every passing year.

The 2014 Jeep Compass is no exception.  This CUV gets a combined 25 mpg with both of its inline four cylinder engines.  A new lightweight compact six speed transmission will replace last year’s transmission, and the end result is that you will hear less noise when the engine revs.  The new 6-speed automatic will be optional on Sport and standard on Latitude and Limited, except those with Freedom Drive II, which requires the off-road-capable CVT2L.  Along with the new transmission and the nice, fuel efficient inline four cylinder engines, this CUV gets nice exterior styling and the interior is made up of nice quality materials.  Furthermore, the passengers will be rest assured that the array of safety features will help protect them in the event of an accident.

To see the 2014 Compass when it hits our showroom, come down to Sport Durst Auto Dealer in Durham

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