Guest Post: Team USA Asks BMW For Sled

When you think of a BMW vehicle you are likely to describe it as, performance, luxury, traction, control and AWD. Now describe a bobsled: aerodynamic, tight, fast, and slides glides across ice. When you think of the AWD traction that comes with BMW you would never imagine they would consider going against everything they are, and build a bobsled of all things. Then again the design team from California put their heads together and are putting to work their skills to create a bobsled that has the potential to win gold in the upcoming Russian games.

After sometime they finally put together the bobsled, but before they can be certain of its performance, they had to take it to the slopes. It was first tested in a recent World Cup race in Austria. The team that was using the two man bobsled placed 15th of 30 teams. Not that great. But on another note they know it can handle the slopes well, and that it is safe to use. Now they just need to take into account the things that could have improved their times, and make adjustments where needed. One thing is certain with BMW they will do their best to design the best, so 15th will not cut it for them. They will do whatever it takes to get their bobsled onto that podium next winter.

The Winter Olympic games are closely approaching, one year from today, and will be hosted in the cold land of Russian. With just about a year of tweaking, the BMW designers and Team USA plan to work together diligently in order to perfect their sled, and have it well prepared for 2014 games. With another race coming up in Switzerland they can make the minor changes needed to compete, but with experienced bobsledders they can take note of its performance and figure out the best changes to be best equipped to compete for gold. Team USA has never been known for their accomplishments in the sport of bobsledding, but will look for their first gold in the two-man since 1936. The BMW designers will surely want to feel the satisfaction of designing a sled that helped them achieve such success.

Team behind the design at BMW are using similar lightweight material that BMW is using in their future electric models, a carbon fiber material. It was also carefully crafted to provide a low, center of gravity. This design will give the sled proper control, and make it incredible aerodynamic as it slides with precision down the icy turns. As mentioned before the next challenge will be faced in Switzerland, and from this the racing team and BMW will be able to figure out how they can properly make adjustments to make the ultimate bobsled. Who knows maybe they will sell bobsleds with your new BMW car purchase?

If you aren’t into driving to work in a bobsled then maybe you can consider looking into what is the bread and butter of BMW, their vehicle models. You can catch more on all the newest models by reading up on your local dealer site like BMW Rockville.

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