Guest Post: How to Avoid Being Crushed By Your Car

There are countless horror stories of people being crushed to death while working below their cars. Whether it was positioned on a slope and moved forward, or the stands suddenly gave way, having a vehicle that you’re working on fall onto you is not something you’d wish on your worst enemy. Working underneath a vehicle is often necessary to carry out routine checks for servicing and repairs, but doing it incorrectly can lead to serious and fatal injuries. Here’s how to avoid it.

Use the Correct Equipment
Always use axle stands to support your car, and never rely on just jacks. You should ensure that your axle stands are maintained and checked regularly so that they don’t give way unexpectedly. Always check how much weight the stand can support before using it. The pins for axle stands should be close fitting and of the correct specification. Make sure that the axle stands are securely located under a strong point underneath the vehicle. You can find them online at SGS Engineering.

As well as using axle stands, you should always use chocks to secure the wheels that are on the ground. Along with making sure that the vehicle is on hard level ground, this will reduce the risk of the vehicle slipping off the stands.

Don’t Add to the Risk
Having another person there to help make judgement calls and to watch over you to call you out on anything they feel they might be bad practice will mean that you will exercise more caution. They will also be able to get help if necessary. However, you should make sure that they key to the vehicle or ignition device is in your pocket as you work underneath the car. This means that no one else will be able to start the vehicle and risk it moving whilst you are underneath it.

Follow these guidelines and make sure that you aren’t among the people that are crushed under the car or vehicle that they work on and continue to have a safe working practice when it comes to your car.

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