Suprise at New York Auto Show – Jaguar XKR-S GT

A harder, faster, track focused XKR-S has been shown to us and it looks epic! Stiffer suspension, aero bits, vents all over the show and a HUGE rear wing. This car pushes my right buttons for sure! The engine and tranny are the same as the normal XKR-S which produces 550hp from the supercharged V8 but they have fitted the car with wider Pirelli Corse tyres which allows the 100km/h mark to be hit in 0.3 seconds faster, 3.9 seconds. Let me guess you want one? Well you going to have to either live in the states or Canada because 30 will be made and all 30 are headed that way. If you ask nicely enough I am sure they will make one for you but at a price tag of £130 000 you will need some serious bank!

jaguar xkr-s gt

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