Guest Post: Infiniti Du Soleil

In 2010 Infiniti and Cirque du Soleil teamed up in a partnership designed to express the deep values shared by both companies. The connection? The design and construction of a fine automobile requires the highest degree of attention and meticulousness; the creation of a production like a Cirque du Soleil requires nothing less.  However, whereas most people are quite familiar with Infiniti, the automobile, not many are nearly as familiar with Cirque du Soleil, the production.  In this article, we will explore the wonders of the Cirque du Soleil experience.

The ‘Circus of the Sun’ or ‘Cirque du Soleil’ as it is officially known, is an amazingly entertaining auditory and visual feast presented in venues all around the world. The ‘circus’ is comprised of exotically-clothed human performers engaged in extraordinary feats of acrobatics, dance and other movements set to music. Elements such as water, fire, lights and height are all part of the various shows. The main premise of Cirque du Soleil is to celebrate the raw power and beauty of human physical performance. Cirque du Soleil began in Quebec, Canada in the early 1980s as a group of street performers who included circus-like acts such as stilts, jugglers, fire-blowers and fantastic costumes in their performances. As the word spread about how unusual and fantastic the Cirque du Soleil events were, the troupe started to tour Canada and eventually the US. By 1990, their success was such that Cirque du Soleil had begun touring the world.

According to the folks at JBA Infiniti, the process of finding new talent for Cirque du Soleil is a long, involved one that can take years. There are currently two talent scouts who regularly attend 15 prominent athletic events, and hold between 12 to 20 auditions each year. Cirque du Soleil performers must not only be athletic, but artistic and able to improvise if the need arises. Illness, injury, and other factors can and do routinely change aspects of the various shows.

Today Cirque du Soleil runs a multitude of different shows worldwide. Some are touring shows; others are exclusive to their venue (such as Las Vegas). One is especially family-friendly, and others are for adults only. All feature the wonderful music, color, and fantastical movements that Cirque du Soleil performances are known for.  Often select Infiniti dealers offer special tickets and promotions to Cirque du Soleil performances.

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