Official Porsche 991 GT3 With Rear Wheel Steering and No Manual

Finally we get to see the 5th generation of Porsche GT3 and I am not disappointed. Having seem multiple spyshots of the car it is not a big surprise but the official images make me smile from  ear to ear. It will be debuted at the Geneva Motor Show today sometime but it will be overshadowed by the new Ferrari unveiling. It has the 3.8-liter flat engine (weighing 25kg less than previous unit) pushing 475hp at a screaming 8250rpm. The PDK (Porsche Doppelhuppling) double clutch gearbox is fitted as standard for now so for those purists I hope they do come out with ‘your’ version. Power is all sent straight to the back wheels and fir the first time, an innovative rear wheel steer feature is installed. It is 44mm wider than the 991 Carrera S and they have fitted an oh-so-secy rear wing to really squash those rear wheels into the tarmac. The juicy bits are as follows; 0 to 100km/h in only 3.5 seconds and 200km/h in less than 12. Top speed of 314km/h is reached and the Nurburgring laptime is 7:30. The GT3 looks fantastic and with the different front and rear design it will be unmistakable. It will start to arrive at dealerships in November of this year with a price tag of around R1.5mil (£100 540). Start saving you Porsche people!

Live pics from Geneva

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