Mansory Carbonado Will Eat The Lamborghini Veneno With 1233hp

Mansory have given us another Lamborghini treat for Geneva, this time in pure carbon fibre form. Based on the Aventador (obviously) and called the Carbonado this beast is 40mm wider at the front and 50mm wider at the rear with a whole host of newly designed bits and pieces all made from, you guessed it, carbon fibre. Next to the Lamborghini Veneno it looks quite subdued but what lies under the hood will make sure it gives that R43 million car a spanking in terms of performance. Mansory have bolted two turbochargers to the 700hp engine, replaced pistons, crankshaft and cylinder head with performance pieces which takes the output to a whopping 1233hp. This takes the 0 to 100km/h sprint time down to 2.6 seconds. Torque limited to 690Nm so it doesnt shatter the transmission. No mention on pricing yet but we can guarantee it will be less than the $5million 50th anniversary present!

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