Rolls Royce Finally Shows Us the 624HP Wraith Coupe

Here we see the all-new Rolls Royce Wraith. It has been revealed before its first crowd appearance at the Geneva Motor Show and is dubbed the most powerful and fastest production car ever built by Rolls. Fitted with a 6.6-liter twin turbo V12 delivering 624hp and 800Nm of torque allows this coupe to hit 100km/h in only 4.4 seconds. Suspension has been ‘tuned’ to minimize the body roll and improve feedback when cornering. It is not exactly small sitting at 5.2m long and weighing in at 2360kg but RR claim that this will give you the feel that you are in a sporty coupe without dropping ANY luxury. It features new technology where the GPS detects where you are driving and your style of driving and selects the most appropriate gear for the upcoming terrain. It is called Satellite Aided Transmission. (SAT). Sales will begin in last quarter of 2013 and pricing can be expected to be in the range of R3.5 to 4mil ($320 000).

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