[Update] Are The Dubai Police Really Getting Aston Martin One-77?

I am not 100% sure of this but the photo looks pretty legit. Shown on the exotic cars of UAE Facebook group is a Aston Martin One-77 sitting in the garage where the other Dubai Police cars had their work done. You can see the new Bentley Continental GT in the background and then a shiny Aston Martin One-77 in the foreground. If the Aston was white like the rest of the cars have been I would be more confident in sharing this but who knows what these guys have up their sleeves. What you all think?

UPDATE: Thanks to an avid reader of Zero2Turbo and an Aston Martin Fan, I have found out that this is the Q-series One-77 which is even more ridiculous (only 7 will ever be made) and I found another picture from another angle (you can see the SLS AMG behind it) so this is looking more and more likely to be true!

aston martin one-77 q-series police car dubai

aston martin one-77 q-series police car dubai
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