Icona Vulcano Unveiled at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

Icona finally revealed their anticipated new super car with some fiery images (relevant to is name). This new supercar is closer to hypercar territory with its V12 engine pushing out 950 horses. Like LaFerrari, the Vulcano has an electric motor to help give it such astonishing performance figures such as 100km/h in 3 seconds flat and a top speed of 350km/h. You can also opt for the smaller V6 version which I would usually say stay away from but this time I would say this is the one to go for and simply because its twin-turbo’s allows you to hit 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds and pushes out a ridiculous 880 horsepower. It looks very similar to the F12 but just not as elegant I say and I would still stick to the Ferrari but for those collectors with endless funds, this is one for you! No word on the pricing or production numbers but we can be sure that pricing will be high and numbers will be low…

Live pic from Shanghai Motor Show
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