Inside Performance Makes 700HP BMW X6M Called “Stealth”

I think the term stealth in this case is to put the point across that it is something special rather than stealthy. It is wrapped in what they call ‘Pixel Camouflage’ but instead of converting into a stealth car, it is now more in-your-face than ever. Inside performance went ahead and modified the looks of the car by adding a new body kit which looks similar to the AC-Schnitzer kit (this is a good thing) and then finishing the mean look off with intakes on the bonnet and deep Concave wheels by Vorsteiner. Inside they have fitted a new display into the dashboard to display boost, gas pressure, torque and power which moves me on to my next point. Since their name consists of performance one would assume they have modied the engine and this is most certainly true. They have pumped up the standard 550hp to a monstrous 700hp and 850Nm of torque. A modified ECU and other “technical tricks” is what they have claimed to have done but they have also removed the speed limiter so this thing will turn into a rocket! No details on what the added performance has done to the 0 to 100km/h time but I would assume a hefty chunk of time is shaved off. Who likes? Who hates? Who wants?


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