[Update] Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster Wrecked in Cape Town in 2006

Yes I know this happened yonks ago (2006 to be exact) but I had never known about it until today and I am sure some of you didn’t know about it either so I will share it with you. The car belonged to owner of Adult World (hence the XXX WP number plate)  and was apparently travelling along Kloofnek road at 5 in the morning when the accident happened (mmmm mind starts to think). The car hit a wall, started to roll then hit some garbage bins before coming to a stop. The driver fled the scene of the accident which is only slightly suspicious. Anyway it is sad to see a beautiful Murcielago roadster in this sort of state because South Africa only has a handful of these things on our streets and this meant there was one less.

UPDATE: This is quite weird but driving down Rivonia Road this evening (24th April 2013), I saw this exact car, same plates and all and it has been fixed. Wonder what the repair bill was? So strange that I posted on this this morning and the same day I see the actual car and in Johannesburg even though the plates are WP (Cape Town).

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