Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia Spotted in Johannesburg, South Africa

I know we have a lot of beautiful cars running around our country but I was completely shocked when I was sent a picture of this car and quickly realised that it was not the normal 458 Italia but rather loaded with Oakley Design aerodynamic bits and pieces. Production of the full Oakley 458 was originally limited to 5 but has since been increased to 7 due to demand. If you do not go for the Limited Edition, then you can opt for individual parts which can be seen on this beast in South Africa. This car seems to have the following fitted; the epic front lip spoiler, the side vent (front wings), side sills, mirror covers, engine bay side covers, gurney flay rear spoiler, lower rear diffuser, lower engine cover panel and custom black roof. The only reason I am saying that this car does not have the full package is because of the standard 458 Italia wheels but I could be wrong in saying this. It might also have had the ECU remap done which then pumps the power up to 623hp (from 570hp) and the 0 to 100km/h time drops to 3.0 seconds as opposed to 3.4 seconds. So amazing to see a car like this in our beautiful country I just hope one day that I get to see it in action or even better have a ride in it…

[Photos: Marc Rudman – @photo_marc (Instagram)]
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