First Lamborghini SUV ‘Urus’ Given Production Go-Ahead

We saw the Lamborghini Urus SUV almost a year ago and the positive feedback was amazing! I was never keen on Lamborghini to develop a SUV but when I saw what it could potentially look like, I changed my mind very quickly. The good news is that it has finally been given the green-light for production and we can expect to see it in 2017. Audi boss, Rupert Stadler, confirmed that Lambo’s first SUV will hit the production line. They are aiming to produce 3000 Urus per year with a majority heading to the United States, Russia, China and of course the Middle East. I am sure we will get a few of them in South Africa but we will have to wait and see. Price tag will be in excess of $200 000 so when it gets to SA, it might be sitting somewhere around the R2.5mil mark (yikes).

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