Guest Post: Car Gadgets that You Can’t Miss

Remember when AC and a cassette player were considered as a high end option for a car? Or who ever thought that computers would be controlling engine functions on the back end? As technology in cars continues to advance, it’s doing so at speeds that is becoming very difficult to keep up with. As car manufacturers continue at this pace, it may be possible that where we’re going in the future, we don’t need roads…

All right, flying cars are most likely reserved for a different lifetime, but as far as cars utilizing GPS cameras and sensors is already happening. With technology become more advanced and available, it’s only a matter of time before these gadgets become an outdated cassette deck. Here are some technology features that are either currently offered in cars today, or soon will be in the future.

Back up Sensors and Cameras
Back up cameras and exterior sensors are still relatively new, but have been around for a least a few years. How this technology is changing is becoming more affordable to develop which is why 2013 and 2014 car models are more likely to have such features as standard equipment. Other forms of this technology are even more advanced, that offer the ability to sense oncoming vehicles by utilizing radar.

Media Storage
Auxiliary audio connections have become a standard feature in most vehicles now, but what happens if you already departed for a road trip and forgot the iPod? Well, an app won’t help, but having the ability to store your favorite music and more is definitely a possibility. By adding USB connectivity to new dashboard touch screen interfaces, drivers can also download their favorite music into cars. To make things even more convenient, some vehicles such as the ones at are equipped with command recognition that allows you to select your favorite song without having to raise a finger.

Smart Phone Integration
If there is one gadget out there that people are most dependent on, it’s their smart phone. Being able to sync with home computers and more, it’s a given that car manufacturers would pick up that cars should integrate with the devices as well. This isn’t just focusing on hands free talking capability using blue-tooth either. With the variety of apps that are out on the market, some manufacturers have paired up with software developers to create programs that could help locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Sure hitting the panic button works too, but the key fab doesn’t quite have the same range as a phone that uses 4G.

AI Detection
A car having a mind of their own isn’t that far off, especially if automakers know that it can make things more convenient for drivers. Currently developers in the midst of creating technology for cars that can actually detect their drivers in a crowd and even pop the trunk for them if they are carrying anything. While this technology may be off for a few years, it’s still nice to know that cars may soon be able to help out a little bit more than just getting people from one point to another.

With all of the technology out there, it’s easy to see that things are only going to continue to become more convenient for drivers. But with anything, it’s probably important to not become too reliant on this new tech; we wouldn’t want to end up like the humans in WALL-E now, would we?

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