Official Pics of Lamborghini Egoista

Walter De Silva has designed the car and said is it intentionally selfish. Personally I think it was more intentionally an eye-sore but each to their own I guess. It comes with a 5.2-litre V10 with 600hp and is based on the Gallardo architecture. Inspired by an Apache helicopter the car looks like something from outer space with its central ‘hull’ flanked by two balancing ‘hulls’. The lighting is just completely insane! They have fitted it with what they call LED clearance lights and then gone and put lights everywhere else! Interior is the most outrageous part of this car with a bare minimum of instruments, head-up display (Apache style) and then the driver has to remove the steering wheel to get out… My biggest concern is that Lamborghini have actually not said that the Egoista is a concept car which means they might sell it (queue gasps).

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