Three Ways to Protect Your Cars from Thieves

Having your car stolen is one of the most annoying and potentially devastating things to happen to the unaware driver. There’s some simple ways to prevent theft and to make it harder for thieves to find your car and steal it. If you don’t already know these tips then you’re already putting your car at risk: you better go and have a quick check on it right now!

Put the Car Away
The number one tip in this cat and mouse game (or car and thief as the case may be), is keeping the car locked in a garage. If you happen to go out in a part of the city where vehicle theft regularly occurs, then put it into a secure parking facility that’s well lit and has CCTV. If this isn’t available, for example if you’re going to friend’s house in a dodgy area; then consider taking public transport there and getting a cab home later. This also means you can drink at the event as well!

Don’t Leave Valuables in Full View
If you leave your smart phone or laptop on the passenger seat, this will be tempting to the would-be thief. It’s very easy to either smash and grab your prized possessions, or drive away in your car like it’s a birthday gift: it’s a bit like putting your most valued possessions out on the lawn in front of your house, to show the entire world. Also, don’t duck into shops and leave the keys in the ignition. This is a terrible habit, and an opportunistic shady type could wander by and drive off in your car. This sort of situation will be a nightmare for the insurance claim, too.

Install a Good Alarm
Having this kind of visible deterrent present in a car is likely to deter a would-be thief. They are going to go for the car that looks the easiest to steal. If yours has a flashing, visible car alarm system and also a steering wheel lock, then they will naturally move onto the next one. Many new cars have anti-theft devices installed as a standard feature. However, these anti-theft devices can be easily installed on older cars. There are plenty of new cars that have excellent anti-theft features and tick all of the boxes for fuel economy, safety and sleek looks. Remember though that there’s no such thing as a theft proof car, there’s only sensible and aware car owners. For some recommendations and reviews of all the new models, check out
the Top Gear website.

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