BMW M3 Crashes Off Cliff… Turn Too Sharp… Another Incapable Driver

Not so long ago I shared a video with you of a young man driving a BMW M3 when he lost control on a road in Arizona and now we see something similar but the outcome is a little more serious. This video was also filmed thanks to a camera mounted on the side of the car so that you can see the driver as well as the road ahead but what this driver did not realise was that sometimes when the corner is sharp, the car needs to A) slow down B) have more grip C) be a better driver and I think all of the above applies here. The car understeers and shoots off the end of the cliff rolling over before coming to rest. The driver did survive to share the video with us (not sure why because makes him look like toss) but nontheless another lesson to those out there who think they are capable behind the wheel of a car as powerful as the M3.

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