Guest Post: Cadillac Factory

The talk of the day is foreign but easy for anyone to understand. Investing in production in the world’s biggest auto market is a great thing for GM. The Cadillac Factory in China will be a new factory in a country that is predicted to account for up to two-fifths of the global luxury auto market by 2020. Preservation and patience is the name of the game and Cadillac seems very promising. Currently there is only one model in China, the XTS sedan which has been doing pretty well, but the people will really flock in for more models. GM executives have intentions to triple the number of Cadillac’s sold in china to 100,000 by 2015. Auto sales last year were approx. at 19 million but by 2020 the expectancy is to reach 32 million. Based on how China has performed in the last 6 months with luxury sales declining, it seems like a risk. Seemingly so, with the future in mind that isn’t really a concern.

It’s been entirely good news for GM, forecasting China’s luxury market to grow by 4 percent this year. So progress will show pretty soon they hope. It will be a good basis to judge how they will continue going into the future teen years of the 21st century. For more information on the future of Cadillac globally contact Williamson Cadillac.

In order to capitalize in china, GM and the Cadillac Factory will be in heavy competition with dominating brands in China: BMW and Audi. But with great power comes great responsibility, GM’s CEO believes in what he stands for and is looking forward to all challenges. “We’re going to bring our high-end premium product here and we’re going to see how we run against competitors from Europe and Japan” He recently stated. It’s a great learning experience going up against the best in my opinion. To go head to head or to still shine amongst these makes will be very good for the imagine of Cadillac and GM. You have to be brave, something GM is very familiar with. They have a history of being the first to attack production and throughout the years they have been awarded for their efforts as well. Analysis and all, the potential of Cadillac Factory reflects much more reward for GM as well. The next generation Escalade is going on sale early so you can tell they are going at the future without the slightest of worries. Go Cadillac.

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