Which Would You Rather Play? Car Rugby or Car Soccer

Top Gear are known to turn everyday sports into something completely insane involving cars and I love it. We have seen them play Car Soccer in Season 8 and then some Rugby in Season 19 but which would you prefer? I am going to list why I would like to play both and who I would like to play with/against. I would love to know which you would prefer to play so feel free to comment below or on Twitter.

Car Rugby

  • Big impacts (reminds me of childhood bumper cars)
  • Bigger playing field (actual rugby pitch)
  • Bigger cars needed to scrum
  • Conversions are just awesome
  • Drift easily on the grass (intercepting the ball)
  • Play with: Kimi Raikonnen and Sebastian Vettel
  • Play against: Justin Bieber, Luiz Suarez and Manchester United

Car Soccer

  • Close combat driving
  • Minor impacts means game can go on longer
  • Higher speeds (tar surface)
  • Can ‘chip’ other cars
  • Ball easier to control
  • Play with: David Beckham, Didier Drogba and Sebastien Loeb
  • Play against: Justin Bieber, Luiz Suarez and Manchester United

With all of this being said, 99% of us will never get the chance to play either of these sports so why not head over to http://cargames.org.uk/ where you can choose from many many more games to play from the comfort of your computer.
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