Guest Post: A Guide to Green Eco Car Insurance

As you begin to retire, your thoughts start to turn to what you’re going to do to fill all of that well-deserved time off. Whilst some choose to read all of the books they never previously had time to read, and others choose to jet abroad and spend their retirement in the sunshine, others choose to fill their time with a few more environmentally friendly activities. Many start a vegetable patch, some get involved with the local community, and some take up walking instead of driving to try and minimise the damage on the environment – after all, it’s a well-known fact that cars produce a lot of CO2 emissions.

And if you’ve thought about doing more of the latter in order to both fill your time, keep you active and help the environment all at the same time, but you can’t quite imagine living without your beloved car altogether, then there just may be an alternative; electric cars.

Electric cars are wonderful inventions for the environment – but as well as helping Australia’s flora and fauna, they can also help those eco-friendly conscious individuals save money, thanks to the insurance that goes along with them.

So, if you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle in the near future and you want to find out more about how you could do your bit for the environment with them, then here’s a little guide to green eco car insurance to help you:

How Does It Work?

This depends on the company you buy your eco car insurance from. Most will offset some of your emissions by investing in projects such as renewable energy, rainforest reforestation and energy efficiency.

Other companies will focus on planting trees to offset emissions, donate to eco charities or offer other services from green brands.

What To Look For?

If you really care about the environment then you should shop around and see what eco deal gives the best benefits to the causes you care about. You might be interested in the planting of new woodland, a 20% offset of your carbon emissions, or money going to a charity when you purchase your insurance plan.
Some insurance companies also have a network of green service providers and retailers. This means that if you do need to claim then you know you’ll be going to a garage that recycles and does their bit for the environment.

How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on the usual factors such as excess, type of insurance and no claims discount. Usually eco car insurers aren’t any more expensive than others. However, some may charge more for carbon offsetting. But, before you set about going buying the first policy you set your eyes on, make sure you shop around to ensure that you’re getting both the best policy and the best price for it. Many providers, such as Budget Direct Car Insurance Australia strive to give their customers the best deal for their money, so taking a little longer to choose a policy is guaranteed to pay off.

You could choose an eco-friendly car insurance company and not pay any more than you normally would. You’ll still be doing your bit for the environment. If you want to do more then there is the option to go with a company that charges a little more. The environment will get more out of this but you have to balance your budget with your desire to be eco-friendly.

What Sort Of Cars Is It Good For?

A green insurance policy is great for all sorts of car, even those with low CO2 emissions. If you have an electric car then you may need a special type of insurance but you can help the environment further by going with an insurance company that is known for its eco-friendly stance.

Do your research and find a company that has similar views to you and supports similar causes. You’ll be more likely to continue your green efforts if your insurance company supports brands and charities you admire.

If you own a green car then you’re likely to get discounts on both regular and eco insurance policies.

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