Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Replica Was Bound to Happen

Just last week we saw the awful orange Lamborghini Aventador replica and when I was typing up that post I was wondering when some mad-man would take on the insane Sesto Elemento. Well it seems someone started working on it quite a while ago because the first pictures of the first replica have hit the internet. It is actually not that bad considering some of the other replica’s we have seen in the past. Some sources say that is is based on a Gallardo LP560 but it seems a little too short for that? If this is true, this owner wanted one so bad that he took a stunning original Lamborghini and made a replica of the extremely desirable Sesto Elemento. Pity they didn’t re-route the pipes through those epic rear-angled exhausts. What you all think? This particular car is in India.


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