Lamborghini Veneno Roadster In The Works?

The Lambo Veneno was certainly the star of the Geneva Motor Show in my opinion and reports are indicating that they may be offering a roadster variant. Cars UK  have said “We’ve spoken to a couple of very high end Lamborghini customers this morning who’ve been contacted this week by a Lamborghini dealer asking if they’d be interested in a Veneno Roadster”. This could mean that Lamborghini have already signed off on the new roadster or are properly considering doing so. If this does go ahead, we could be seeing a run of 9 roadster’s produced and a price tag of over €3mil. This is something that makes me VERY happy deep down and we can only hope it does happen. About 0.001% of the population can actually afford one of these so for everything else you can have a look at

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