VW Golf 7 GTI Hits Cyclist in Johannesburg

It seems the Golf 7 GTI crash yesterday was not the 1st incident with the car and not the first in South Africa… Last week, one of the press cars was involved in a collision on the corner of Willem Botha with a cyclist which left the rider with a broken arm and a few cuts and bruises. If you look at the pictures, he seems extremely lucky considering the massive contact point on the windscreen. Damage to the GTI is very minimal and can probably be rectified in a few days.

Sources say that something went wrong with the cars steering and that it locked causing the car to veer over the road and then into the cyclist. This sounds rather bizarre to me because chances of a brand new VW Golf’s engine cutting hence causing the steering wheel to lock are very slim. With this being said, I am glad the rider will make a full recovery and it is just a warning out there for both car and cyclist to be alert at all times!

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