2014 Range Rover Evoque Introduced

The 2014 Rand Rover Evoque has been introduced and includes a number of changes, most importantly the nine-speed auto transmission. This supposedly fantastic new gearbox will be available on one of the petrol models and 2 of the diesel models and reduces fuel consumption by a decent 11.4%. The new Evoque is also being offered with that they call an Active Driveline 4WD on-demand system which allows the car to turn into FWD on normal roads doing over 35km/h. The impressive part? This change happens in 300 milliseconds so you would not even notice. This facelifted/revised Evoque comes with lane departure warning system, parking assist, traffic sign recognition, a wade sensor and then some slight exterior tweaks to keep the look a little fresher. I like it but I would not select this paint scheme that is for sure! It is expected to hit dealerships before the end of the year!

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