Introducing the Ferrari 458 Speciale… Not The Monte Carlo

It is here! Meet the Ferrari 458 Speciale which is the lighter, hotter version of the 458 Italia. We recently saw some spy shots of what we thought would be called the Monte Carlo but we were wrong. What we were right about is that it looks awesome! The engine has been tuned to 597 hp (from 562) and Ferrari are claiming that this is the highest achieved by a naturally aspirated road car engine. It loses 90kg which pushes power to weight ratio to 470 bhp/ton and with this weight loss comes more rapid acceleration. 0 to 100km/h comes up in 3 seconds flat and it laps Fiorano test track 1.5 seconds quicker than standard and 0.5 seconds faster than a 599 GTO. It pulls 1.33g around the corners and again Ferrari claim this to be the highest lateral acceleration out of any of their road cars. On to how it looks and it has been given a hefty chunk of aero tweaks. The front grill has changed, the bonet has more ventilation and the rear looks properly aggressive with a bigger diffuser and the two raised central pipes. The aero bits and piece are active which makes this the most aerodynamic road car ever made by Ferrari. We will see it properly at the Frankfurt Motor Show but for now we have the official pictures from Ferrari. Pricing and more details will be released closer to the reveal… Damn this thing looks good!

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