Subaru Confirm BRZ STi with Teaser Shots [UPDATE]

I recently mentioned that the Toyota GT 86 Convertible and the turbocharged variant have been scrapped but it seems Subaru are coming to the rescue. They have just shared these teaser images of the 2014 Subaru BRZ STi. I personally thought this would never happen because there was so much speculation regarding this hotted up version and nothing ever coming from Subaru. It is now confirmed and we will be seeing it rather soon. The teaser shots only show us some of the badges but we can be sure that there will be an aggressive bodykit and other aero tweaks added to this variant. What is most important is what will be under the hood! The BRZ STi is expected to push a little more than 300hp from the 2.0-litre boxer engine thanks to a TURBO! This will be a drifting animal and I think it will sell like hot cakes! I am expecting to see it at one of the big motor shows this year.

UPDATE: Subaru has confirmed that the STi that was teased is just a tuned tS, not a full bore STi.

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